Carlton the Bear has 99 problems, but Phil Kessel ain't one.

Whazzup gangstas? C to da B here, an me an muh ho's can't not wait ta gots Phunky Phresh Phil Kessel out on da ice, scoring go's fo da Leafs and making skrilla fo hiz self.

Lots o peeps been frontin sayin dey no whut went down.  Imma here ta tell youz da troof.  When BB came ta me an sed "C-Mack" cuz we tight like dat, he sed "C-Mack, I'm in a funk.  I need me sum more goalz" an I sayz "Burkie baby, Phunky Phresh is ripe fo tha pickin" an he sed "word"

Voila, Philthy Phil, the Phunky Phresh Kessel iz a Leaf.  What chew trippin foo?

Indeed.  Philthy Phil has got friends all over.  Seems like the Leafs pulled out all the stops to get him if Carlton was involved.  Since Carlton is from the streets, let's see how gangsta fresh we can keep these links yo'

Drop any bomb links I missed in da thread.  Word (Man, even typing that I sound straight up honky cracka.)

Late to da partee