Jonathan Bernier hasn't won a single game this season. He also has a sub-.900 save percentage, something that hasn't happened since he played four games for a very bad Los Angeles Kings team in his first cup of professional coffee, all the way back in 2007-08. In short, everything has been very, very bad.

But there's a team out there that might not even mind that, and that team is the Calgary Flames: the proud owners of some of the NHL's worst goaltending this season. Their best guy so far has been Karri Ramo, and he has a .903 save percentage, so... yeah.

The Flames also don't have a single goalie under contract for the 2016-17 season. Well, they have Jon Gillies, but he'll almost certainly be playing in the AHL, so... they really don't have anybody, and not a lot of incentive to re-sign any of their current guys, as we just covered their best netminder has a mere .903 save percentage.

That makes Bernier a potential fit for Calgary, and sure enough, according to Eric Francis, they've inquired about him. Bernier has a history of being not-this-terrible, and his being under contract for another year means the Flames wouldn't have to go goalie-shopping later on (really, they're probably looking for a stopgap for Gillies more than anything else), so there is a potential fit.

What would you want out of Calgary - or would simply getting rid of Bernier's contract be enough?