If you've ever wanted to calculate the probabilities of each team involved in the NHL draft, but are too lazy to code it yourself, this file is for you. It outputs a rudimentary matrix containing the draft probabilities for each team in each possible slot. You can also change the initial odds specified to see how the probabilities will change, or use this code in any other project of yours.

While the draft probabilities exist on many sites, I figured it would be useful to provide the code as well. This may not necessarily be the most efficient method of calculating the probabilities, but it takes a small amount of time to run. To run this, you will need Python, as well as the package NumPy.

If you have any feedback on a better way to calculate the probabilities than what I did, please let me know - I'm sure the script could be improved drastically.

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8a33mp7uvkhbxw2/ds2.py?dl=0