A mid-March game against the Sabres isn't exactly the most exciting prospect for hockey fans. What this match up needs in an injection of something special. Something unique. Something goaty.

Okay, that'll do. That will do it.

Mike Babcock likes him:

I think that means he likes him, anyway.

Yeah, okay. I can see that.

Oh, I think he knows.

But don't forget Leafs fans, there's more to Freddie than hats, hashtags and Chipotle. He's the centre who helped launch Nikita Soshnikov into the NHL. That delightful hard nosed, skilled winger honed his edges playing all year on the Marlies with Richard Clune and Freddie. And Freddie was the backbone of the line.

He had 5 goals, 11 assists and only 10 penalty minutes in 56 games for the Marlies. Everyone will tell you he plays the whole game, and he does it the hard way. He's fun to watch, and I hope he has a great game tonight as the 11th rookie to make his début as a Leaf.