Good morning, PPP. Happy Monday. It is now less than two weeks until this site will transfer to its new home. It’s almost certain that we’ll have to invite you into the temporary campsite for a few days before your existing bookmark or RSS feed or what have you starts working again.

You’ll be able to keep following on Twitter for links to new articles, so it’s not going to be difficult to keep track of us. This is just like living in a trailer in your driveway while you finish doing the floors on the new house.

But what about before then? The new site is not quite ready for guests, but it will be soon. So if you want an early access pass in the middle of next week, give or take, you can have that for the asking.

In case you’ve missed other updates, let me state clearly that the new site will use an email login system with no password. No SBNation account information is being transferred, and I don’t have your emails.

To get an early access pass, you’d have to give me your email now. Before we get into the logistics, though, I want to know if there’s enough interest to make this worth shoehorning into my busy two weeks. So without further ado:

Would you want to provide your email address to get early access?

No, I can wait. 122
Something more nuanced I’ll explain in comments.5

(Yes, I am trying to use you as free beta testers.)