If you haven't seen the overtime goal from last night's Leafs - Sabres game you may have missed an important detail. Here's a slow motion animated GIF of what happened:

It doesn't appear anything out of the ordinary happens here, Christian Ehrhoff's shot appears to go cleanly through Carl Gunnarsson's skate.

Then I thought to myself: "wouldn't it be easy to just test out and see if a puck goes through a skate?" I have a pair of skates, and I have a puck from my social club's last outing, check it out for yourself:

I think from watching these two illustrations it should be pretty clear to us that any talk of a second shooter or any other conspiracy is completely overblown.

Amazingly I even saw some fans blame this goal on the Illuminati, a laughable concept about a group that doesn't even exist and even if they did maybe they're nice guys who want to do what's right for you.

At any rate it should be clear to everyone that nothing out of the ordinary happened last night.