The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting a new logo and uniform set for 2016, and would you look at that: 2016 is only a few days away.

Okay, so the new jerseys can be expected for the new season (the centennial!), but still, that's just a few months off. But that still allows plenty of time for speculation (to follow: endless amounts of time for opinion. Lots and lots of opinions to be had, no doubt). And what better kind of speculation than a design contest?

ESPN's Uni Watch did just that, and they picked out their favourites, and not so favourites, of the bunch.

The best designs either go full minimalist or full throwback, which, really, is the only way a franchise like the Leafs can go. The more modern designs are interesting, but again: this is the Leafs. They have been around forever. "Modern" is not going to work here.

Though some of the stuff incorporating the CN Tower is cool. All of the submissions can be seen on Flickr here - are there any there you'd actually wear yourself?