It’s a beautiful summer day out (actually it’s not—it’s raining), and if you were doing some off-season hockey training you might be going for a run. If you are Daniel Sedin you might go for a 90 km run.

Wait. 90 km? Yes. That’s what he did a few days ago per this report in Expressen about his participation in an ultramarathon in Sweden.

“It felt good up to 70 km, but then it was tough,” Sedin was quoted as saying about the race. Ah, yes, the first 70 km is always the easy part. It’s only the final 20 km that gets you!

For reference, 90 km (that’s about 56 miles) will take you from King Street downtown Toronto north on Yonge Street (and that other Yonge Street we pretend is the same one, but it’s not) all the way to Barrie. Yes. Barrie! That’s a distance which even driving would require more than two hours (though that accounts for Yonge Street traffic, which is brutal).

Sedin did this in just over nine hours, or 9:07.08 to be exact. Sedin is of course now retired, already in the Hall of Fame, and will turn 42 years-old in a few weeks. I guess he is looking for new records to break now. He noted that he was disappointed with his time as he really wants to break nine hours. Good luck, Daniel. I’ll be watching, but definitely not trying that.

But, hey Daniel, if you’re out practicing and you pass Rasmus Sandin’s place, can you take a few seconds to tell him to sign a contract already?

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Yes, they will eventually let him in the HoF. They will have to.26
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