Today is Fanpost Sunday again.  This week, we’re focusing first on why we all became fans. We wrote about it:

Why I am a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs - Pension Plan Puppets
Come re-live my dark past with me

Why I’m a fan of the Leafs: PPP staff tell all
You can tell us your story in the comments.

Why I’m a fan of junior hockey - ElSeldo
This is probably the only good thing Eugene Melnyk has done hockey wise.

And then you wrote about it:

Why I'm A Leafs Fan - Because Stockholm Syndrome - Pension Plan Puppets
One of my earliest memories is my best friend at the time sleeping over during game 6 of the conference final between the Leafs and Kings. I would have been 6 years old. It was the first time we...

Why I'm a Leafs fan: Sidney Crosby, a short season, and math - Pension Plan Puppets
I have lived in the Greater Toronto Area for all of my 29 years, but it wasn't till this decade that I became interested in hockey. Truthfully, it's not just hockey; I was one of those kids who...

Why I'm a fan of the leafs? - Pension Plan Puppets
To put it simply, York peanut butter.

Back in the early sixties there used to be this peanut butter called York. Inside the lining of the lid , there were these octagonal cards of NHL players with...

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There are some posts on other topics too for you to read:

How Mad Would You Be if the Leafs Took A Tiny, Unranked Winger at #17 Overall? - Pension Plan Puppets
How small is too small? And where is the trade-off between size and scoring?

Solar Bears to face 15 different foes in 2017-2018 Season - Pension Plan Puppets
The new team in Jacksonville adds to the Florida rivalries.

There’s really no excuse to do something productive today, get reading.