Today the NHL has announced their testing data for the last week of Phase 3, aka training camp. They report zero new tests.

There have been two positive tests in total during the training camp period which lasted for just under two weeks.

No information has ever been provided on testing of staff and other non-player personnel.

Earlier this week, Corey Crawford confirmed he had tested positive and had needed a period of recovery.

Corey Crawford joins Blackhawks after recovering from COVID-19

All players entering the hub had to have had two negative tests two days apart prior to last night. Beginning today, all players and all staff of the teams, league, hotels, arenas and other facilities inside the hubs will be tested daily.

Two private labs, one in Edmonton and one in Toronto will be processing tests with a goal to a 24-hour turnaround. The NHL’s protocols require the testing regime to have no impact on local public health needs.