Hail, Hail Robonia, A land I didn't make up......

This is it, the big one. Aside from that trifling matter of little or no importance tomorrow of course. Tonight will decide both the men's bronze medal in ice hockey and European bragging rights until the next meeting of the EU farming policy unit in Brussels. Not only that - the world will discover which nation is best at being not quite the best at hockey.

Will the parliamentary republic prevail or the semi-presidential republic? Will Karjalanpiirakat win out over Bryndzové Halušky? Twenty four hours and the actions of forty five good men and true (and also Jarkko Ruuto, I guess) will tell us all we need to know!

But first, a step back in time to yesterday and the semi-final games....

USA! USA! USA! 6 - 1 Finland. Well, that didn't take long did it, boys and girls? Of course, if this game lasted for the last forty minutes, we'd be sitting here thinking about Finland/Canada tonight. Sadly for the good folk of Suomi, Patrick Kane lit them the hell up in the first. The 2 shots and +1 rating of Phil Kessel were instrumental. In some way.

Ooooooooo Canada 3 - 2 Slovakia. Starting impressively and then very nearly making a right balls of it at the end? Why yes, I do believe that's Team Canada! But the final score is all that matters and it's the home country who go to the big dance tomorrow. Luongo's next meeting with Demitra in the Canucks dressing room would make for interesting eavesdropping, methinks.