Today after spending the full practice, and some additional time beforehand on the ice, Frederik Andersen met the media:

What are those options? They involve some gymnastic cap manoeuvres that would almost certainly require at least one player named Zach to be put on retroactive LTIR. Maybe two.

The Leafs have to very much want and need to see Andersen in game action prior to the playoffs. No matter if he plays, how he does, and how well Jack Campbell plays in his remaining games, this is a fully fledged goalie controversy. There are already discussions about which goalie Sheldon Keefe should choose, based on no viewings of Andersen. If the salary cap can’t be stretched to allow him to return, the Leafs then have to consider that they need to play him just so he can be played if they suddenly have no choice.

None of this is simple, and it’s not just about picking who Keefe likes best. The Leafs may well need both Campbell and Andersen before this season is over.


They can’t do these things and bring Andersen back at the same time, it would seem. So this might be a first do this, then the goalie situation for the last few games.