What can you do but laugh when you go 0-3-1 against the Arizona Coyotes in 2022? The Leafs have only lost 32 games in the past year (oddly enough, that’s how many games the Coyotes have won). And it should feel wrong in some way that an eighth of their losses have come against such a bad team, but the simple fact is that the Leafs play down to their opponents in trap games. Maybe there’s something to worry about with the coaching, but probably not. It is what it is. The Leafs beat good teams, they beat most teams, and they’re third in the league both this season and for the year.

Various Leafs and Branches

Maple Leafs fade as the game goes on, lose to Coyotes | by: Seldo

Game in 10: Coyotes continue to have the Maple Leafs’ number as ugly third period leads to a regulation loss | by: MLHS

Joseph Woll remains undefeated as Toronto Marlies weather early storm to defeat Belleville and extend winning streak to six games | by: MLHS

A grand game for Gagner | by: Winnipeg Free Press

Big congratulations to Marlies Legend Sam Gagner for playing in his 1000th career NHL game. Gagner has played for several teams in his career, but I’m sure none stay in his mind more than his 43 games and 12 goals for the Toronto Marlies. Gagner is the fifth player from his draft class (2007) to hit the milestone, joining Wayne Simmonds and David Perron who also did it this year. Jamie Benn should get there as well in 2022-23.

Here’s some Leafs prospects scoring some goals, including the Arizona kid.

Brandon Hagel was never going to get away with this audacious move, but I’m curious what you in the comments think should be the call to stop plays like this from being allowed. The call on the ice was a hand pass into the net, but it doesn’t necessarily discourage that kind of antic.

Happy Friday!