I’m sure everyone is feeling just as awake and chipper as I am this morning, and are more than ready to start the day off with this great piece on the salary cap updates from the NHL GMs meeting!

Salary Cap set to soar and other news from the NHL GMs’ meetings

Not quite there yet? That’s ok, I get that. How about this report on how the North American prospects are doing?

North American Prospect Report: Chasing the playoffs

Still no? Maybe a transcript of yesterday’s surprise presser with Brendan Shanahan would be better?

Brendan Shanahan on Auston Matthews' special season and future potential: "He is one of those rare players that has the ability to lead a league in scoring and also be its best defensive player" | Maple Leafs Hotstove

No? Q&A with Kyle Dubas?

LeBrun: Q&A with Kyle Dubas on the Leafs' turbulent season,...

A video?

A video.

Happy Friday everyone! Remember, if you draw eyes on your closed eyelids, your boss will never notice that you’re napping at your desk.