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FTB: Dreaming of alternate jerseys

Just imagine all the possibilities...

Thursday’s FTB: Soup’s On

Insert another soup-based pun here.

FTB: Elder Statesman

Team dad is out, team granddad is in.

Thursday’s FTB: Saying goodbye

And just barely biting down on good riddance.

Wednesday FTB: Grit

Or, an argument against sacrifice.

Wednesday FTB: Will Pietrangelo come to the Leafs?

The reasons for outnumber the reasons against.

FTB: Game 3 for Vegas and Dallas

The real question is probably whether or not it’ll all come down to goaltending again.

Friday’s FTB: Making a statement

A day late, but they did get there.

Tuesday FTB: Nazem Kadri leads the Avs to victory

“I will always love you” plays softly in the distance.

Wednesday FTB: Mid-week breather

We’re headed into tomorrow’s game with a nice, relaxing 1-1 tie.

Friday FTB: What does solidarity look like?

This week the NHL made their first real attempt at answering that question.

Tuesday FTB: The boys are back in town

Some people are happier about the fashion in which they chose to arrive than others.

Friday FTB: Pros and Cons

To whom will the mantle of tragic hero fall?

Thursday FTB: Gone Fishing

Ah, to be rich and in possession of a boat.

Thursday FTB: Not to praise Sens fans...

...but like low-key, yeah, a bit.

Friday FTB: First steps

So you’ve tweeted out a PR statement. Now what?

Tuesday FTB: Future seasons

Tired of short term speculation? Let’s try some long term speculation instead!

Tuesday FTB: Hub cities, question mark?

No seriously, do you know? Does anyone? Is everyone at TSN just bored and getting us all worked up for their own entertainment?

Tuesday FTB: Fan Choice Awards

Make sure to cast your vote! But only if it’s for the Leafs.

Tuesday FTB: Hub cities

Can they? Should they? Will they? Won’t they?

Thursday’s FTB: Where in the world is Frederik Andersen

No spoilers, but it rhymes with shmarazona.

Wednesday’s FTB: Rule change

If you could change one rule in the NHL, what would it be?

Tuesday’s FTB: Playoff alternatives

Just because there’s no hockey doesn’t mean that they can’t award the Stanley Cup.
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