So it’s not officially official-official but at this point, barring (more) disaster, it’s looking like the two NHL hub cities are going to be Edmonton and Toronto. Pour one out for all the jokes that I’d made about the NHL being mean by stringing Edmonton along and giving them unfair hope because it was obviously going to be Toronto – the joke, as it so often cosmically is, was on both me and Toronto the whole time. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t still time to weigh the pros and cons of Edmonton and Toronto as hub cities, to give both fans and teams some idea of what they can expect in each city... and which city they should be crossing their fingers to play in.

Pro: it’s not Edmonton
Con: it is Toronto
Pro: teams can look forward to being housed in the centre of one of the greatest cities in North America, with endless things to do, see, and eat
Con: they won’t be able to do any of that, just stand with a single hand pressed wistfully to the window as they stare down at the forbidden outdoors
Pro: the Leafs will inherently have a home-ice advantage
Con: ahahahahahah can you imagine no it’s quite definitely gonna be some sort of curse

Pro: it’s slightly less miserable without all the snow
Con: emphasis on slightly
Pro: during the summer, Edmonton is one of the best festival cities in the world, including the second-biggest Fringe festival in the world
Con: just kidding it’s all been cancelled
Pro: the Stanley Cup could be awarded in Edmonton without the Oilers ever winning it
Con: the thought of the look on Connor McDavid’s face if that happens is already making me sad in advance

Pro/cons aside, if you were to ask me (and so far the NHL, strangely, has yet to hit up my phone), it should be Edmonton and Vancouver because no one should be coming to Toronto right now. That said, if it did somehow end up being Vancouver and Toronto, I would literally never stop laughing, so that’d be something.

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...and that’s about it! Happy Friday!