We’re still over a week out from Canadian Thanksgiving, and who knows how far away from American Thanksgiving, but this week I am going to just go ahead and say that I am very thankful for this news:

This is still very much news of the “never say never” genre, but I’ll take it!

Could Tyson Barrie have worked out under different circumstances? Was it all down to a bad start and shaken confidence under Babcock? Was it the city? The Newfoundland training camp? Kissing the cod? Was it just a bad fit overall? Maybe it was all of those factors, maybe it was some of them, maybe it was something else entirely... all I know for sure is that I’m perfectly content at the thought of not seeing him back in the blue and white next year.

Cody Ceci, I mean. Like. It was what it was from the start. At least we’ll always have this:


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And that’s all! Happy almost-Friday everyone!