Yesterday was a quiet rainy Victoria Day, with nothing much at all happening in the world of hockey.

Well, unless you count every TSN reporter hopping on to twitter to start talking about hub cities and the number of teams we might see in a modified, skip-the-rest-of-the-regular-season playoffs.

You can catch up on all of that over here:

2 Hubs are Better Than 4

Nothing at all is confirmed as of yet, and it may all end up being a whole lot of nothing – please see the previous discussions of the June draft that briefly took over the media. That being said, I think we can safely assume that about ten minutes after this is posted they will actually make a definitive statement on what resuming the NHL season will look like.

Personally, I tend to be on the side of the players in The Athletic’s player poll who questioned the point of resuming at all with so many safety concerns still at play. It seems like it would be a better use of time and energy to focus ahead on making the upcoming season as safe, feasible, and profitable as possible, especially given that recent discussions in the public health sector have shifted from weeks and months of social distancing to months and years, and no clear timelines have emerged for the return of anything, much less large groups of fans attending sporting events. That said, I’m making that argument with a cheerful dismissal of the money side of things, which is inevitably going to play a large role in how the league and teams approach this.

NHL player poll: What they are saying about resuming the...

Either way, looking forward to the lockout that results when the NHLPA tries to get the league to agree to a pandemic clause!

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And while there may be no hockey, the Maple Leafs are still putting out Blueprints specifically designed to make you miss hockey extra hard. Enjoy!

That’s about it! Have a great Tuesday all!