After a flurry of signings this weekend, it seems that Kyle Dubas is still not done, with rumours continuing to fly about the Leafs GM and what moves he’s yet to make. Since his choices stopped making clear sense to me right after the signing of T.J. Brodie, I also choose to believe this means he’s still got something up his sleeve, and not that he doesn’t know why he’s doing the things he’s doing and/or he’s not as infallible as I like to pretend he is. Of course there’s always the chance that I don’t know everything or understand everything, though that doesn’t sound likely.

Plus the Leafs do still have a little (though I do mean a little) cap space left.

The rumour getting the most airtime at the moment of course is that the Leafs are allegedly planning on making a habit out of stealing away the longest-term San Jose Sharks players.

Jumbo Joe Thornton, in addition to spending the last fifteen years playing for the San Jose Sharks (did you know he played for Boston for the first eight years of his career by the way? I didn’t until I went to double check that I wasn’t about to be comically, overconfidently wrong in this article), is also one of the oldest players in the league.

And I don’t just mean that in a facetious way.

The only active player older than our man Joe is Zdeno Chara, currently ringing it in at 43. Thornton himself, in comparison, is a sprightly 41. However, if what Kyle is after is age and experience, there are a couple of players that are just trailing after Chara and Thornton that provide intriguing alternatives, should Thornton turn out to be more fond of the California sun than anything the Leafs might provide.

First up, of course, is Thornton’s old San Jose teammate, Patrick Marl–

Wait, no, ok, we’ve already tried that one. Forget that, moving on.

Next up is current Ottawa Senator, and former Stanley Cup Champion, Ron Hain–

Shit. No. Ok.

Well, then there’s Justin Williams, though I’m not entirely clear on whether or not he’s still planning on playing more NHL hockey at the moment, so maybe put him down with a question mark.

After that though, an intriguing option who might help with some of our upcoming goaltender uncertainty and– oh Lundqvist just signed? With the Capitals? Hmmm.

Eh, forget it.

Joe Thornton for Leafs hockey granddad 2020.


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Happy Thursday!

Late breaking news on Thornton:

And no, that does not mean he can’t play in the NHL now. He won’t play there without an NHL-out clause.