Twenty-six players, including the Maple Leafs Mikheyev, elected arbitration. So far no news has been issued about any club-elected arbitration, but those are usually fewer, so it’s not impossible the number is actually zero.

In this compressed part of the offseason, the scheduling began yesterday, and today we have the first few hearing dates announced.

The Maple Leafs and Mikheyev’s agent have a week to settle this case, or they will have a hearing on October 21, the second day. Once the hearing begins, there cannot be a settlement. There will be no walk-away rights to this result since it’s not conceivable it will be over the threshold.

Results are due from the arbitrator within 48 hrs. We often hear about the offer from the team and the ask from the player, but it’s not public information, so that’s up to the Insiders to provide.

When the arbitrator supplies the amount, the Maple Leafs get to pick the term: one or two years.

There’s another date listed here you might be interested in: