The wave of PR statements from teams has abated, with every team except for the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators* now having posted a nice graphic on their social media channels.

*technically the Ottawa Senators Foundation did tweet one, but the official Senators account has now revoked their retweet so we’re very much not counting that.

All of the statements followed some fairly predictable PR notes. Some of them were a bit more bold than others, directly saying “George Floyd”, “Black Lives Matter”, and making reference to violent racism and oppression, though even those were generally chased by mentions of the need for peaceful protests. Not a single team named police violence, or provided information about what, exactly, their alleged commitment to anti-racism means.

While I don’t expect much from Brands™ on these issues, other than the above mentioned requisite statement to make sure they’re not subjected to the full wrath of the internet, Kyle Dubas did follow it up with an interview with Sportsnet in which he mentioned regretting that MLSE was now being put in the position of needing to be reactive, rather than proactive, in addressing racism.

Dubas vows Leafs will be more proactive in combating racism

In the interview he mentioned that they are looking at different groups in Canada and the United States that staff and players can be involved in – by volunteering, amplifying, or donating. We’re definitely at the put up or shut up stage in the game – looking @ you, every league and brand who profits off Black athletes and fans – so hopefully they will be putting some money towards some of the amazing organizations doing work across both countries, and soon. In the meantime, there’s a very simple pledge that the Toronto Maple Leafs, and every other NHL team, can take.

You claim to care about Black lives?

Stop. Celebrating. Cops.


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The President of the GTHL has stated that they don’t publish that stat “since that may damage the reputation of the vast majority of the young players in our league whose good sportsmanship is beyond question” which is, for some reason, really not a statement that is convincing me that that’s the case. Maybe because, if the vast majority of the players are beyond question, one would assume that the number of suspensions for using slurs would be so small they wouldn’t hesitate to disclose it.

Current and former Black WHL players came together to share a video talking about the Black Lives Matter movement:

The NHL is apparently pushing back the start of camps:

The Penguins have shared that they had a case of COVID-19 among their players:

And the Senators, somehow, against all odds, continue to be the Senators:

Their dedication to constantly being the most bizarre story in hockey is truly inspiring.