The 2020 Maple Leafs T25U25 Community Vote is ready for you to crash the servers.

This year, we’re trying Esurv, which is not perfect, but the price is right. The format is a drag and drop, and it will work better on a bigger screen. It works on mobile, but it’s a bit of a pain.

You can rank all the names, just 25, or whatever you like. We’ll only use everyone’s top 25 to compile the community vote though.

The survey site is set to allow people to vote only once via IP address. If you are blocked because you’re using a big company or institution IP address, you might need to log in elsewhere. Let me know if there are widespread errors or any problems.

I found it easiest to just go down the list, throw everyone I wanted in the right pane, sob when it was only 15 names, and then rank them after I had 25.

Take Note! This form does not give you an easy way to record your own votes, so if you want to, screenshot the page before you hit “Finish Survey” or else your choices will be gone forever.

Your Community Vote Survey is Here.