I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s kind of checked out of sports for the last couple of months (you may have heard, there’s been a whole global pandemic thing, world-wide protests, massive social upheaval...) so hockey coming back period, much less in the middle of summer, is a bit of a surreal proposition. After all, I’m a Leafs fan – hockey is not supposed to be happening when it is 35 degrees outside and I’m busy lying on the floor in my apartment contemplating whether or not it is possible for a human body to literally melt. It’s just not the natural order of things! We call it a wrap at the end of April at the latest! But, natural or not, it is happening, so here’s some things that might help get you excited for the strange beast that is summer playoff hockey.

  • Someone is inevitably going to cuss into a live mic
    It might not be Jonathan Toews at the World Juniors, or Tyler Seguin at the 2016 All-Star Game, but someone, at some point, is going to very loudly swear on national television – delay or no delay. Place your bets today.
  • No matter who gets it, the team who gets the first round pick will not deserve it...
    ... and everyone else WILL complain about it. It’s going to be both terrible and hilarious, and we only have to wait for the first round to end to find out who its gonna be.
  • No national anthems
    I actually have no idea if they’ll do this – will they still bring someone to the arena to sing? will they just have Martina call in by Zoom? – but a person can dream.
  • Win or lose, nothing counts
    Leafs get knocked out in the first round? No problem! It’s summer, and we’re in a pandemic! Why are we even playing! What a weird time! Doesn’t count! Leafs make it past the first round? Maybe even... past the second? Amazing! We’re rising above in the face of unprecedented adversity! The resilience! The narrative!
  • We get to watch hockey again
    I don’t think I knew how much I missed this sport until I started crying because of a video of Auston Matthews scoring a goal in practice. In practice. /

Let’s GO!!


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