Before we leave the T25U25 behind us until after the draft, it’s time to look at how we all voted.

The Consolidated Voters Lists

Official Voters List

Player2020 Rankkatyaseldospeciesarvindfuleminhardevbrigstewtaaeeveomaranniekevinrahef
Auston Matthews1111111111111
Mitch Marner2232223332322
William Nylander2323332223233
Rasmus Sandin4445554544456
Nicholas Robertson5564465455644
Kasperi Kapanen6656646666565
Timothy Liljegren7777887777787
Travis Dermott881010779888878
Pierre Engvall91111899131391010119
2020 2nd-round pick109991019810161791018
Adam Brooks11141412131114121211121411
Mikko Kokkonen1110171714121014109151210
Nicholas Abruzzese1313815151811111416161312
Mikhail Abramov141516131213169151517915
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev15121311161512201112132016
Denis Malgin161712161110151313111513
Egor Korshkov17161514231419161714142114
Pontus Holmberg181918202117152123212119
Joseph Duszak192021221716221922191722
Filip Kral20241919222323242218221817
Jeremy Bracco212118182121191816
Mac Hollowell22182119222220202019
2020 Toronto 4th-round pick2323251717182423
Jesper Lindgren2420202023232424
2020 Vegas 4th-round pick252418182525
2020 Vegas 5th-round pick.19
Eemeli Rasanen.
Ian Scott.202525252320
JD Greenway.
Joseph Woll.2225242525232521
Kalle Loponen.2323
Kristian Rubins.2524212424
Max Veronneau.25
Michael Koster.22242422
Nikolai Chebykin.
Ryan O’Connell.
Semyon Kizimov.
Vladimir Bobylev.
Vladislav Kara.

Visualizing the Voting

A lot of you enjoyed the graphical representation of the community vote for each player, and that’s all thanks to Alan who graciously made the histograms for us. Not only that, he just handed me the code he’d used, and I amazed myself a little by adapting it to the official vote. There’s only 12 voters, so the distributions are not as complex as in the community vote, but they’re fun to look at. From the top:

The Top Tier

The Middle Tier

The Bottom Tier

How Consistent Were the Votes?

This year’s weak list of prospects led the voters to an almost extreme level of consistency in the top 10, and a high level of consistency, unlike usual, in the bottom 20 or so of players that received a significant number of votes.

I did a similar analysis to last year where I looked at a how many votes each person differed from the final ranking on, how much in total they differed, and just the differences in the top 10 (click to see it bigger).

I was shocked to see myself suddenly become the least disagreeable voter this year. But if you focus on the top 10 variance — the sum of all the differences in rankings for those 10 places — there’s several people with very low differences. The number of places on the list our votes were off from the final ranking is very similar, with the range going from 17 to 26. This analysis includes all the players, not just the final 25. But some people really varied, while others only moved players around a little, so the total variance shows Species and I as the most consistent, although he had the highest number of differing votes, and I was nearly the lowest.

After the amazing disagreement from this year’s loose cannon, Hardev, we have Brigstew who is next, but don’t overlook Annie, who has an average-looking total variance, but the most in the top 10, followed closely by Hardev.

Fulemin and Arvind arrived at very similar lists, which will amaze no one.

Travis Dermott and Pierre Engvall had the most total variance in rankings of players in the top tier of finishers, but the 2nd-round pick (unsurprisingly) accounts for most of the top-10 variance on that chart. Other contentious rankings were most of the middle tier, but the other two picks also had wide ranging choices.

I had a very close to average opinion on the second round pick, slightly more out of whack opinions on the other two picks (I didn’t rank them) and was fairly average through the middle tier. That’s all it took to make me the most representative voter because the rest of the list just falls into place in those very defined tiers, and most of the disagreement was about order within the tiers.

Hardev definitely wins the Loose Cannon award this year, though. Congrats, Hardev.