Today, the NHL released their first testing results of Phase 3 aka training camp. This runs through to July 17.

These tests including the initial tests for new players who were not in Phase 2 arriving at their team sites, and the continual testing of all players every 2 days. There were two confirmed positive tests from the 800+ player pool.

As always, the NHL does not release any information on staff testing, which is also mandated in the Phase 3 protocols.

As training camp began, the NHL instituted a policy where teams are only allowed to release minimal information about players who are injured or absent. Immediately there was a rash of players declared “unfit to play” or “unavailable to play”. Many assumptions were made about the rate of positive tests based on this while coaches have had to struggle with media requests they can’t fulfill on player status.

Some players listed as unavailable are almost certainly still in self-isolation after arriving from other countries.

We will get the results of tests since July 17 next week, but in the meantime, players are coming close to a deadline they all want to meet:

(All positive tests are immediately retested for confirmation per the Phase 3/4 testing protocol.)

These were the final testing numbers from Phase 2: