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FTB: Family reunion

Nothing like a little bonding time between father and son. And son. And son. An–

Tuesday’s FTB: What to watch instead of hockey

Searching for something to fill that hole in your life? We’ve got you.

FTB: Social distancing through social media stalking

Golf season has started earlier than ever.

Leafs vs Lightning Preview: Rielly Returns!

Time to once again throw the lines into a blender!

Friday FTB: Sleep deprivation, part II

How’s everyone feeling this morning? Perky? Well-rested?

Wednesday FTB: What’s in a moustache?

Oh good now there’s pre-playoff facial hair growth too.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Vancouver Canucks

To Liljegren or not to Liljegren, that is the question.

FTB: Chaos! Despair! Soup!

Everything happens so much.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Hurricanes

We are just a fanbase, standing in front of a hockey team, asking for consistency.

Thursday’s FTB: Revisiting line combos

Instead of trying something new, what if we tried something old?

Preview: Leafs recall Egor Korshkov, Mason Marchment

Buffalo and Toronto face off for one final time this season.

Preview: Maple Leafs at Senators

The Leafs visit their home away from home.

Thursday’s FTB: Who are the best players in the league?

A totally unbiased and uncontentious methodology.

FTB: How can you tell if your hockey team is cursed?

I mean, they’re probably not. But also... maybe.

Friday’s FTB: Chasing the Rocket

Someone please tell Ovechkin that eight trophies is more than enough.

FTB: The mentors are here!

Moms and Dads are so passé.

Game Preview: Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators

The Senators look forward to having a crowd to watch them play.

FTB: Kraken on

As we sail into the weekend, lets sea what’s happening over on the west coast.

FTB: Midweek misadventures

There may not be any Leafs games, but there’s plenty of drama to go around

FTB: Good-bye to hockey

The Leafs might not deserve this vacation but I do

Tuesday’s FTB: Sandin, but at what cost?

We may never be fully healthy again

Preview: Maple Leafs visit the Florida Panthers

The Leafs hit up the sunshine state for a rare Sunday night game.

Wednesday FTB: The Olympics Question

It’s basically already 2022 so let’s talk about it
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