Earlier this week whispers began floating around that a name had finally been chosen for the Seattle expansion team. While the NHL Seattle account did keel some of the rumours by tweeting out a denial that a name had been chosen –

– it was too late, and the internet debate over whether or not Kraken is a good name for a hockey team once again awoke, rising up from the depths like... well...

While schooner or later Seattle will have to announce their name, it seems like they’re still naut quite ready to commit either way, and are annoyingly resistant to the pier pressure that fans have been barge-ring them with. I’m knot sure when we’ll finally get the answer to this question that many of us already have ferry strong opinions about, but while we’re still dealing with this oar-deal, I figured I would kelp tide us over with a re-cape on the options.

Without further ado, and before I make any anemones...

Krakens: my personal favourite. Sure, it’s maybe a bit kitschy, has very little to do with the Pacific Northwest, and has the potential to be executed horribly but it’s objectively the most fun option and I stand by my firm belief that the NHL could use some more fun. Plus just imagine the horrible monstrosity that they could potentially draw up as their mascot. Gritty who?

Sockeyes: a strong second place. Logos I’ve seen floated include a fish with boxing gloves or a fish with a black eye, both of which would be sick. Also raises the possibility of a colour palette that includes salmon, a truly under-utilized tone in professional sports. Just don’t google what a real sockeye salmon looks like.

Evergreens: so boring. Possibly very nice jersey colours though.

Rainiers: I am very pro this name in the sense that I am very pro seeing what a mountain mascot would look like.

And all the rest: Renegades, Emeralds, Whales, Seals, Sea Lions, Cougars, Eagles, Firebirds, Totems


We don’t have a first round pick this year so it’s time for Leafs fans to start getting excited about teenagers that I am only about 70% certain neither Bob Mckenzie nor Katya made up:

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Other Leafs news

“Auston Matthews, Rocket Richard Winner” has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Last Word on Hockey looks at the players who are the frontrunners for preventing that particular dream from coming true:

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Will the Leafs ever find that elusive elite/okay right-hand defenseman? Who’s to say, but Maple Leafs Hot Stove takes a look at some possible rentals:

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And all the rest

Tis the season! Check out Sportsnet’s roundup of the rumours around the league:

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And ESPN’s:

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Also this happened?

I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea what this means. Listen to the whole thing on Insider Trading here:

Insider Trading: Kreider in high-demand; Leafs, Muzzin to talk extension

Happy Friday everyone!

What do you think the Seattle team should be named?

I don’t care so long as I never have to read another ocean or boat related pun again53