This is my first time writing one of these in the post-hockey world and I’m not sure how to start this. I hope everyone who is still having to go to work, for whatever reason, and especially those who are frontline workers are doing well and staying safe. I hope everyone in social isolation or quarantine is holding up ok.

Ok, onwards to the distractions! Following the heels of my fellow compatriots’ retrospectives of Auston Matthews and William Nylander’s highlight reels, I thought I would dip into the Leafs depth charts for what are probably, honestly, even better goals.

Let’s start with this incredible goal from everyone’s favourite gentle giant.

How about this beautiful breakaway by Ilya Mikheyev?

Marlies alumni power was in full force on this Pierre Engvall goal.

Does Rasmus Sandin even count as depth given our... adventurous assortment of defensemen? A debate for the comment section, but either way his first NHL goal was a beauty.

And of course, I would be utterly remiss if I didn’t include this goal from the elite Martin Marincin.


If you want to read something of substance, Fulemin has written a novel length-breakdown of Dubas’ (paused) second season. It’s very good:

The Unfinished Second Season Of Kyle Dubas


I’m trying not to think too hard about how close Auston Matthews was to having a record-breaking season, so the title of this article alone made me sad, but if you’ve got a stronger constitution than me, Sportsnet interviewed Rick Vaive about Matthew’s push to break his record:

Rick Vaive laments Matthews’ missed shot at Maple Leafs goals record

Over at The Athletic, Dom Luszczyszyn looks at how a potential playoff series might take shape:

Analyzing different NHL playoff formats to determine the...

And finally a PSA from the Toronto Maple Leafs’ own Morgan Rielly:

Stay safe everybody, and unlike Morgan up there, don’t touch your face!

Where does Sandin land on the Leafs next year?

First pair10
Second pair66
Third pair68
They clone him and run one of him on every pair29