As discussions pick up between the GMs and the league around the subject of holding a virtual draft in June, so has discussions of the possibility of resuming the season via hub cities. The league has officially set out criteria that cities will have to meet to act as a hub city in the event that they go forward with this option for resuming the season.

Colin Campbell breaks down criteria for possible NHL hub cities

Within this model, one city will act as the host for their entire division, removing much of the need for (and risks of) travel... at least, until they reach the point where teams in separate divisions need to play each other (unless they award four separate Stanley Cups, which, y’know, is an intriguing possibility). Another hurdle with this plan of course includes the fact that the league will need to factor multiple weeks of quarantine into the schedule.

NHL would need to follow quarantine rules before season could resume: Trudeau | CBC Sports

Sporting News has published an evaluation of each major Canadian city which might act as a hub in the event of hockey resuming only in select sites. Their breakdown includes both current cases of COVID-19 and what local governments have already stated on the matter, which knocks quite a few cities out of contention, including Montreal and Ottawa.

NHL 'hub cities' 2019-20: Evaluating Canadian markets' viability of hosting games

Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver seem to be the strongest Canadian frontrunners, on a balance between having the appropriate facilities and having a manageable number of active cases. Edmonton and Vancouver have reportedly already submitted their bid to act as the host in their division, though in that case only one of those two cities could be successful in hosting the Pacific, while Leafs president Brendan Shanahan has expressed his support for this model of resuming games.

It’s worth noting that any return to play is going to represent a large increase in risk to the players themselves, no matter how many precautions are put in place. The more people who are interacting, the greater the risk of transmission, whether from another player or from a staff member – and even without any fans or media in attendance, hosting these games will take a significant number of arena, hotel, and team staff. The enforcement of isolation in these circumstances would also require players and staff to be separated from their families for an as-of-yet undetermined period of time.


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First, an update on when we’ll be finding out when the draft will be held:

In case you missed it over the weekend, the league is currently pitching teams an early June, virtual draft:

Update: NHL pushing teams to agree to a draft in early June

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