Coyotes Vs. Glendale

This situation has the potential to get complicated, drawn-out and even more contentious than it already is. Even if you don't care about the Coyotes, you should keep an eye on it - whether the result is relocation within Arizona or uprooting and moving to Seattle, it'll most likely end up having an impact on the rest of the league.

Glendale votes to cancel lease deal with Coyotes | FOX Sports
A good breakdown of the legal issues that informed the vote and whether the city of Glendale actually has a case.

Arizona Coyotes vs. City of Glendale - Five For Howling
This StoryStream from Five For Howling has been updating with news and opinions on the situation - check it out for thoughts from Coyotes fans about what this means for their team.

Why Arizona Coyotes next home is anyone's guess -
Elliotte Friedman offers his educated guess as to what will happen with the Coyotes in the coming seasons. When Elliotte Friedman has to guess, that's when you know there are no easy answers. (Sidenote: how many other hockey reporters would be okay with saying "yeah, I have no idea?" This is why Elliotte's in a class of his own.)

Even More Game 4 Analysis

Stanley Cup Game 4 Wrap: When Your Best Isn’t What’s Best for You "
More great analysis from Katie Baker. This series has been so interesting.

Mirtle: Lightning-Blackhawks shaping up to be best Cup final in ages - The Globe and Mail
"Best Cup Final" is super subjective - if you hate the Blackhawks or the Lightning, I'm sure this has been torturous for you - but it certainly feels more evenly matched than last year, where the Kings dominated right from the start. The games have been tightly played, low-scoring, and end-to-end, which is just great hockey. Not enough overtimes, though.

Brandon Saad creates chaos, shows why Pittsburgh obsesses over him | NHL | Sporting News
A closer look at the excellence of Brandon Saad during Game 4. (His beard skills have been elite this series, too.)

Fun Offseason Debate Material

Is Marian Hossa a Hall of Famer? "
DGB really captures how hard it is to predict who'll be in the Hall of Fame. My guess is that Hossa will make it - but after reading this article, who even knows.

Important Reminders

Blackhawks don’t deserve pass just because Redskins' name is worse | NHL | Sporting News

The Blackhawks logo is in the spotlight because of the excellent team wearing it, so it's important that we take the time to remember that it's also racist and appropriative, and has led to a lot of disrespectful and racist behavior from the fanbase. I live in Chicago, and I've seen headdresses at games, shirts where the logo's face is muzzled by the Chicago flag, and Blackhawks-logo-shaped pizza. This has to stop. It's not "honoring" - it's appropriating. People have been saying these things for a long time - almost everything in this article has been discussed and called out by activists before - but it's still a good reminder. (If I had my way, this neat literal hawk would be the logo.)