Kathryn Brill

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From the Branches: Let's Make A Deal

Negotiations, contracts, and more.

From the Branches: Day two of Lou

Deals, agreements, and attempting to make sense of this Lou Lamoriello thing.

[Friday's FTB]: With or Without You

Kessel isn't a Leaf anymore, but hockey news continues to happen, somehow.

[Friday's FTB]: Stuff and Things

Links to help your Friday pass more quickly.

[Saturday's FTB]: Fully Charged

The Lightning and Blackhawks are back at it for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Oshawa Generals vs. Kelowna Rockets, 2015 Memorial Cup: Time, TV Schedule, Preview and More

As the round robin comes to a close, the Oshawa Generals and Kelowna Rockets face off.

(Too) Frequently Asked Questions about Sexism and the NHL

Thinking about responding to an article about sexism in the NHL? Please read this first.

[Monday's FTB]: There's the Door

We should probably stop betting on the Blues.

[Saturday's FTB]: Tell Us How You Really Feel, Gary

Gary Bettman thinks sexism isn't a thing in the NHL, continues to be disappointing and out-of-touch.

Game Day Preview: Deja Vu

The Leafs are playing the Senators. Again.

[Thursday's FTB]: Mark your calendars

The draft lottery is April 18. Prepare yourselves.

[Sunday's FTB]: Low down

The Leafs only know how to do two things: lose games, and sign players you've never heard of.

Game day preview: Greatest tank battles

This is our Stanley Cup!

Game day preview: Missing you

The Islanders have Grabovski, Kulemin, and the top playoff spot in the Metro. The Leafs have a need to lose.

[Thursday's FTB]: Downhill from here

We've almost certainly seen the most exciting Leafs game of the season. Do they have to play the others?

Game Day Preview: Last Chance

Is this the last time we'll see some of these players in Leafs uniforms?

To Be A Girl About It

Changing the conversation around Morgan Rielly, sexism, and what it means to “be a girl about it”

[Monday FTB] Time Away

The Leafs continue their quest to earn zero points in the standings.

[Sunday FTB] All Stars

Did you know Kessel can skate really fast?

[Thursday FTB] Who Even Knows Any More

The Maple Leafs have broken my ability to analyze them. Also my heart.

Notes From a First-Timer

What's it like to go to a live hockey game for the first time ever?

[Wednesday FTB] Red Hot

The Leafs won, so the links are better. It's science.

Game Day Preview: Leafs - Canucks

Can the Leafs beat the Canucks more than once a decade? Let's find out!
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