Phyllis Kessel

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The Penguins Stand with Trump

By trying to stay out of politics, the Pittsburgh Penguins made an even stronger political statement.

Stick to hockey: Thinking about inclusion

Thoughts on representation in hockey, who gets to speak on ESPN, and integrating locker rooms

Stick to hockey: Down to earth

Glass cliffs, bad report cards, and everyday sexism in this week’s links

Stick to hockey: Institutional discrimination in sports

On institutional discrimination in sport.

Stick to hockey: Sports and respectability

Tespectability, transphobia, and Obamacare in sports.

Stick to hockey: An introduction

On sticking to sports, a changing landscape, and things worth reading this week.

Toxic Masculinity, Domestic Violence, and Hockey

All signs are indicating that Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk has been abused by his partner. Why is this not being taken seriously?

Kane’s point streak is not a heroic narrative of overcoming obstacles

When prosecutors decided not to charge Patrick Kane following this summer's sexual assault allegations, it was not carte blanche to write puff pieces about his heroic ability to overcome obstacles in the form of a scoring streak. Here's why.

From the Branches: Puppies!

Let's distract ourselves with puppies.

Friday's FTB: Distraction

At least it's Friday.

Why I choose to believe accusers

There's power in "I believe you."

From the Branches: It's August

There must be something to talk about in August! Let's find it.

Get to know PPP: PhyllisKessel13

With so many new faces here at Pension Plan Puppets, we're going to use the off-season to introduce ourselves.

From the Branches: Wickenheiser to Calgary

Come discuss Hayley Wickenheiser's announcement with us!

Rule 63 and NHL media coverage

What if we talked about NHL players the way the media talks about female athletes?

The Phil Kessel Trade Playlist

Allow us to provide you with a soundtrack for your heartbreak.

Hockey controversies and the misattribution of victimhood

A huge thank you to @GrinWithGuilt and @mutatio42 (Gunnar Carlsson) for their helpful comments and edits on earlier drafts of the article. Thank you for being generous with your time and your wonderful brains (that sounded much more zombie-like than I'd hoped). As someone who writes about hockey

[Monday's FTB] The excitement continues

After a busy weekend there is no shortage of discussion topics.

[Sunday's FTB]: The draft ends, the party begins

A weekend filled with draft thrills isn't over yet!

[Wednesday's FTB] The offseason, day two

Passing the time until draft day

Studying gender and sports fandom

Editor's Note: She's too humble to admit it, but this piece came after a lot (and I don't use that term lightly) of people requested she synthesize her paper. We're lucky to have her. And yes, it is relevant to the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans.

[Friday's FTB] Game seven weekend kicks off

For the third time in NHL history, both conferences are heading to a game 7 in the leadup to the Stanley Cup Final.

[Wednesday's FTB] Au revoir, Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

All aboard the Game 7 hype train! Next stop, Madison Square Garden!
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