It's Friday and I'm not going into to work today. Instead, I'm headed North to the land of poutine, back bacon, government run liquor stores, and endless wonder. That's right kiddies, Uncle SkinnyFish is headed to Canada! I'll be crossing the border in Niagra Falls sometime this afternoon before a stop off in Toronto on my way to the Kawartha Lakes region.

Then it's three days of enjoyment celebrating May 24, with a two-four of beer of course, before I head back South to the outskirts of NYC. Hopefully good times will be had and I won't see a reason to have the Army invade your country. Seriously, I have that power. So you Canucks better be nice to me during my visit, or else Uncle Sam will be pissed.

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Briere, Betts, and Pronger are team is just that much stronger

Just some amazing work from the Flyers' fanbase that endears me to them even more. Rap it sHERBS!

Who own da Sharks?

The reparations courts finds that the Blackhawks own the Sharks.

A Day in the Life of Gary Bettman

In case you missed it yesterday, Bloge Salming & DGBs latest masterpiece.

Hockey and traumatic brain injury

The scary numbers behind concussions in hockey.

Russia 5 - Canada 2

Team Russia eliminates Canada in the IIHF WC quaterfinals.

Forbes magazines interviews the NHL's COO to discuss their online goals

Glove tap to PPPer ohshrit for helping to make top notch.

Who is: Jesse Blacker

MLHS takes a look at one of the Leafs' prospects.

Bettman Q&A on the launch of NHL Green

Stop 1) Stop wasting so many megawatt hours of electricity by refrigerating rinks in warm climates.

Penguins are not entertaining the idea of trading Malkin

Except him gone on draft day.

More talk of the Coyotes going to Winnipeg

Surprising to hear that the NHL has a schedule in hand should the Yotes move to Winnipeg.

WAC and LD cover the Shawn Avery / Lindsay Lohan spat

Some fantastic slashfic by the lovely ladies of PPP.

Gilmour vs Yzerman

VLM looks at two different players who took two different paths.

Kyle Wellwood was thin?

Vintage Leafs has the damning evidence.