Happy Friday, everyone. Did you enjoy that last game? If you did, you can politely ask the Leafs to do it again on the weekend where they have an AHL-esque back-to-back with travel, and both games are on the road.

Saturday is in Minnesota, and Sunday is in Winnipeg. I’m sorry, I really hate those airport jokes, so you’ll have to make your own. Note the time, the Sunday game is at 8 pm Eastern Time.

The Leafs haven’t made any news yet about sending off Petr Mrázek or any other roster moves. Kirill Semyonov is going back to Avangard Omsk in the KHL, so I’m wishing him well.

Jerseys were revealed for the Stadium Series which is a good matchup between Nashville and Tampa Bay. I’d like to see more teams from places that make some people sneer about their lack of snow play outdoor games. If we could have the Panthers at that game in Hamilton, would that not be a lot more fun? Anyhow there are jerseys to mock:

There was a trade yesterday, proof that goalies should never unpack their stuff:

Buffalo desperately needed a goalie, just not a very good goalie.

In completely unrelated news, Shane Wright leads the OHL in points for U18 skaters with 22 in 19 games.

There was a contretemps on Thursday over a Forbes report that the Coyotes were for sale. Let’s be honest, much like trade rumours, everything is always for sale. But the Coyotes vigorously denied this, going so far as to reach out to insiders like Chris Johnston to tell him in no uncertain terms that they totally want to build an arena (again) in Tempe (this time) and they aren’t moving to Houston (yet).

That episode of Insider Trading is notable for Darren Dreger being very uncharacteristically blunt about how the Senators can’t exactly trade their way to success considering how many holes they have on the roster.

I’m posting this because the “points in the AHL so he’s good” meme makes me laugh like no other:

Joey Duszak's emergence with Marlies has him on Maple Leafs'...

See also: Call up Ho-Sang because he scored that one goal!!!!

Oh, dear:

Oh, this brings back memories:

Whoa, the Sens beat someone!

I’m sure other things happened, but that’s enough to get you started on your day. Have a good one.