Last night there were at least two goalie interference reviews in the NHL.

The other disallowed goal was in OT for the Oilers, and Connor McDavid was annoyed after when they had to win it twice:

'Frustrated' Connor McDavid chirps refs for disallowed Oilers OT goal -
Goalie interference is becoming a frustrating topic for hockey players and fans and Connor McDavid let his emotions boil over Thursday.

In fact, it seems no one knows what interference is, when and how it will be called or if a goal will count. Several broadcast crews I’ve heard have said they just won’t even try to analyse decisions anymore, they can’t figure out the logic.

And now it appears, coaches are in the dark:

Coaches frustrated with concept, execution of video review challenges - Article - TSN
"Not one coach I've talked to knows how [goalie interference] is being called from game to game," said one NHL head coach.

So how do you fix it? Have the situation room guys in Toronto make the decision? Have the refs on the ice make the decision alone, make unsuccessful reviews have a penalty like with offside reviews?

How can goalie interference reviews be fixed?

Call the penalty for interference all the time even when a goal isn’t scored13
Have the refs on the ice make the call, just give them a better tablet4
Have the situation room alone make the decision 81
Failed review challenges result in a penalty21
Put a time limit on how long the refs have, and if they go over, the call on the ice stands18
Change the entire definition of goalie interference to make it less subjective159