In the intermission segment of tonight's Hockey Night in Canada, Sportsnet's most reliable insider, Elliotte Friedman, said plans are progressing for the Maple Leafs to host the Red Wings for an outdoor game on January 1, 2017.

However this will probably not be "The Winter Classic".

In 2017, January 1 is a Sunday, so January 2 is when the New Year's Day holiday will be observed. It is the game on January 2 which will officially be The Winter Classic. It is anticipated, but not yet confirmed, that it will be hosted in St. Louis.

However, the January 1 game will still be a huge event for Toronto. It will almost certainly be held at BMO Field, which is presently under an expansion renovation. Upon completion, and with temporary seating installed, it is expected to be able to hold 40,000.

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What do you think about playing on January 1, but not in 'The Winter Classic'?

I'm excited. This is great!65
It's a money grab, but I'll still love it.70
WTF? There can be only one Winter Classic!26
Who cares. The tickets will be way out of most fan's price range anyway.51
The Leafs deserved to have the REAL Winter Classic.162