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From The Branches

Wednesday FTB: The Leafs play today, and I feel sorry for the Oilers

Really, I can’t even laugh at them anymore.

Sunday FTB: Strange Days Indeed

The NHL won’t, quite, pull the plug.

[Wednesday’s FTB] Go Time

The Toronto Maple Leafs season kicks off tonight against the Canadiens.

Monday’s blog: the NHL does not work on Econ 101 rules

Offer sheets, contracts, and market rates.

Friday FTB: Nick Robertson back on the ice after missing three months

Nrob had an injury, and then COVID, and now he’s back.

Thursday FTB: How are all those Leafs who left us doing?

Who would want to leave Toronto? These dorks.

Wednesday FTB: Jake Muzzin takes full practice with Leafs

And thoughts about the second pair

Tuesday’s FTB: Will you watch this Team Canada?

At 2AM? No.

FTB: One last light workload week for the Leafs

Only two games for the Leafs this week before the February schedule kicks in with a game every other day.

Sunday FTB: It has been 0 days since the last racist incident

Jordan Subban speaks out about an opponent making racist gestures in a game last night.

Saturday FTB: AHL suspends Krystof Hrabik 30 games for racist gesture

The suspension is a six times stronger punishment than the last racist action Boko Imama faced in the AHL.

Fridays FTB: Maple Leafs at the Olympic, PWHPA tickets sales, and stuff

You like stuff right?

Thursday FTB: are the kids alright?

It’s always okay to ask for help

Tuesdays FTB: Snow day part deux?

The Leafs have the day off, so you should too.

Monday’s FTB: The Leafs continue with their new two game per week routine

Leafs games are Wednesdays and Saturdays only through the end of this month. After that it’s all up in the air when they will play in February.

FTB: Can the Leafs hold leads? Yes and no.

The Leafs contain multitudes.

FTB: Leafs prospect Ty Voit sets up five goals in one game

Do we have a new Marner lite?

Thursday’s FTB: The Leafs take another loss on their long US road trip

After losing in Colorado and winning in Nevada, the Leafs lost in Arizona. Next up is a trip to Missouri.

Wednesdays FTB: Canada's Olympic team announced, Marlies schedule changed

Some real news for once!

Tuesday’s FTB: The Leafs head south-west for a pair of late games

Back-to-back 10:00 p.m. ET games for the Leafs starting tonight in Vegas.

[Monday’s FTB] Defenders on the move?

Could the Leafs add a defender to bolster their ranks?

Weekend FTB: Why is Nick Ritchie still in the lineup?

Wasn’t he waived yesterday?

FTB: Why do the Winnipeg Jets want to move again?

And a chart on Jack Campbell’s performance this season.

Thursday FTB: Could any Leafs players go to the Olympics?

Players on NHL contracts can’t go, but that doesn’t mean prospects and others can’t.

FTB: Could all seven Canadian teams play during the playoffs?

and Team Canada bubble ahead of Olympics.

Tuesday FTB: The Maple Leafs next game against Edmonton could be interesting

The Oilers are in a tailspin, the Leafs could really twist the knife

Monday’s FTB: No Canes Tonight

We’ll have to wait for an unspecified time to get the return of Frederik the Great.

Sunday FTB: New Year wish list for the Maple Leafs

The Leafs started the new year off right, and maybe we get some new play from them too

New Year’s FTB: The Leafs ring in the New Year with their first game in weeks

The much extended holiday break is over for the Maple Leafs.

New Years Eve FTB: Marlies return, Leafs on track to play Saturday

Leafs have players returning, but new restrictions on the way

Thursday FTB: World Juniors cancelled, NHL games returning

Hockey in North America is having a tough time these days.

Wednesday’s FTB: testing, quarantine, and revenue

No soap operas, just hockey.


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