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From The Branches

Wednesday FTB: The Leafs play today, and I feel sorry for the Oilers

Really, I can’t even laugh at them anymore.

Friday FTB: Maple Leafs playoff opponents

Same as it ever was. Do you want the Lightning or the Bruins?

[Wednesday’s FTB] Go Time

The Toronto Maple Leafs season kicks off tonight against the Canadiens.

Monday’s blog: the NHL does not work on Econ 101 rules

Offer sheets, contracts, and market rates.

Monday FTB: It’s draft week!

Trades are being made, players are being bought out, and the NHL Draft is nigh

Weekend FTB: getting excited about the Leafs first round draft options

The Leafs should be able to get another pretty good player for the future... or possibly a great player

FTB: No, today is not NHL Free Agency day

The traditional Canada Day festivity was moved for this year to later in July, but NHL teams can still make one important move starting today.

Thursday FTB: William Villeneuve is a Memorial Cup champion

Villeneuve had two primary assists to help Saint John win the CHL title

Wednesday FTB: Re-assessing potential draft choices based on Bob McKenzie’s rankings

The Bobfather released his final rankings before the draft, and it changes some things.

FTB: Ramp up those awful rumors

I heard from my uncle who works at TSN that the Leafs are trading for Crosby

Monday’s FTB: The Stanley Cup is won and the HHOF will announce inductions

Dion Phaneuf is now eligible for the Hockey Hall of Fame!

Weekend FTB: Tampa lives for another game

The full=scale offseason shenanigans won’t start this weekend

Friday FTB: the Ottawa Senators are relocating

Patrice Bergeron has made a decision

FTB: After 2,581 days, the Edmonton Oil Kings did the impossible

The WHL Champions actually won a game?

FTB: Auston Matthews is the undisputed best player in the NHL

and the Coachella Valley Firebirds have their coach

FTB: The Burgundy team got Maroon’d

The Stanley Cup Final begins a short but hot trip in the summer.

FTB: New coaches, new GMs

Teams are filling vacancies.

Weekend FTB: Does Dubas have some tricks up his sleeves?

Please let it be so if only to break up the long off-season.

FTB: No Stanley Cup visits for Russia

Or Belarus, because, you know.

Thursday FTB: NHL Live is leaving Canada

Meanwhile the Cup won’t be allowed to go to Russia this summer

Wednesday’s FTB: The Stanley Cup Final begins

The Avalanche and the Lightning should be one of the most exciting series in recent memory.

FTB: Slow news days are here

Why such a long wait for the final?

Monday’s FTB: The stage is set for the Stanley Cup Final

The schedule is out, but will Nazem Kadri and Brayden Point be in?

Weekend FTB: Remembering how goalies work

Does one bad season make a goalie bad in the future?

FTB: Maple Leafs fire goalie coach; problem solved?

Maybe? No.

Thursday FTB: Shopping for a forward (hopefully)

And New Jersey finally gets a win

Wednesday FTB: Shopping for a goalie (or two)

Looking at the potentially available goalies by analytics for the Maple Leafs.

FTB: Oilers eliminated, Bruins fire their coach

What a fun night we had!

Monday’s FTB: Elimination Day?

The Avalanche could become the first team to move on to the Stanley Cup Final tonight.

Weekend FTB: down 0-2, what kind of potato are you?

And your chess piece preferences

FTB: Coyotes, coaches, and contracts

Here's some news!

Thursday’s FTB: Which animal would the Maple Leafs say they are like?

A popular question at the combine produced the most boring possible answers. We can do better.


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