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From The Branches

Friday FTB: the lights will always be on

Flipping one switch isn’t going to be enough, Hockey Canada.

Friday FTB: Maple Leafs playoff opponents

Same as it ever was. Do you want the Lightning or the Bruins?

[Wednesday’s FTB] Go Time

The Toronto Maple Leafs season kicks off tonight against the Canadiens.

Monday’s blog: the NHL does not work on Econ 101 rules

Offer sheets, contracts, and market rates.

FTB: No Leafs tomorrow. Leafs tonight.

We have our Saturday free! How will we waste this time?

FTB: Happy Birthday Wayne

...back in my day...

FTB: Joseph Woll takes first loss after incredible win streak

Joe Woll’s eleven game winning streak for the Toronto Marlies comes to an end against the Abbotsford Canucks.

Tuesday FTB: Bob’s midseason draft ranking for 2023

What should the Leafs do with their 1st round pick?

Monday FTB: Return of Leafsman

Don’t expect high effort stuff

FTB: Foretelling the Future is Futile

Fishing in the ad stream for funds is for fools.

FTB: I'm sick so don't get your hopes up

Curse every virus known to mankind.

Thursday FTB: Back in Action Against the Jets

The Leafs beat Paul Maurice and the Panthers on Tuesday, can they do it to Maurice’s ex-team tonight?

FTB: Bruce Boudreau deserves better

The Vancouver Canucks should be ashamed of themselves. Again.

Tuesday FTB: Maple Leafs have lost ground on their rivals

It’s been a bad week for the Leafs, but the sky is not falling

Monday FTB: is Vancouver sure about their new coach?

Does the team need to hit the dek?

Saturday FTB: Marlies, Canucks, and Robin Lehner files for bankruptcy

Several dramatically different stories from Friday.

Friday’s FTB: A one day break for the Leafs

After playing back-to-back games, the Leafs get one day off to fly to Boston and get ready to play again tomorrow.

Thursday FTB: Matt Murray is Really Good

Is it time to consider extending the GM who took the risk to get him?

FTB: The Leafs bring up McMann in case Matthews can’t play tonight

Bobby McMann was called up for practice with the Maple Leafs in case Auston Matthews needs to sit out tonight.

FTB: Tuesday Brings Practice

And practice brings news, noteworthy or otherwise

Monday FTB: Timmins’ first and the Marlies’ 4000th

It was a good night for the Leafs and the Marlies as both teams went 2-0 over their weekend back-to-backs.

Sunday FTB: Pontus Holmberg Appreciation Day

A late round Swedish prospect that became good depth in the NHL is a familiar tale for Toronto

Saturday FTB: what the NHL All Star game rosters could be

Let’s go Back to the Future

FTB: Friday morning is better than Thursday night

Those darn Krakens ruining the fun

FTB: Canada goes for gold

What’s on TV tonight? The Leafs or the Juniors?

Wednesday FTB: More Bunting Please?

Bunting did a good job reminding us last night of why he should be in a Leafs’ uniform for years to come

FTB: Time for the Blues, again

The blue and white team once again faces the Blues.

FTB: Is a trip down under on the way?

Rumours have been circulating about a pre-season trip to the continent that lost a war to bunnies.

Sunday FTB: Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, maybe we’ll get a new Maple Leafs result

New Year’s Eve FTB: The Best Leafs Highlights of 2022

What are your favourite Maple Leafs Memories of 2022?

Friday FTB: at least there’s no bad teams in the playoffs?

Montreal in 2020 notwithstanding.

Thursday FTB: the Leafs broke the rules, but common sense wasn’t an option

The Leafs being mega rich isn’t the answer


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