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From The Branches

Wednesday FTB: The Leafs play today, and I feel sorry for the Oilers

Really, I can’t even laugh at them anymore.

Friday FTB: Maple Leafs playoff opponents

Same as it ever was. Do you want the Lightning or the Bruins?

[Wednesday’s FTB] Go Time

The Toronto Maple Leafs season kicks off tonight against the Canadiens.

Monday’s blog: the NHL does not work on Econ 101 rules

Offer sheets, contracts, and market rates.

FTB: Two more weeks of waiting

The season is beginning soon. But not soon enough.

Weekend FTB: Big brother shows little brother how to play hockey

The Toronto Maple Leafs obliterated the Ottawa Senators in Belleville last night.

FTB: Mitch Marner on defense because everyone keeps getting injured

If you make over $8 million you should have to play every position.

Thursday FTB: where things stand with RFAs Sandin, Robertson, Hague, and Formenton

maybe if we stop playing preseason games, our players will stop getting injured

FTB: Injuries, pitches, and bad owners

The news feeds are getting busy.

FTB: Leafs prepare for the first cuts and the next pre-season game

Another day of practice for the giant group of Toronto Maple Leafs where some of them know their days on the team are numbered.

Monday FTB: potential cuts one week into Leafs training camp

And when more cuts are expected to come

Weekend FTB: Leafs preseason games start Saturday

It’s a double-header of Maple Leafs vs. Senators action on Saturday to kick-off the NHL preseason in Ontario.

Friday FTB: Czech Global Series ban and Drake Batherson, among other things

Trying my best not to get into international war politics on this hockey website

Wednesday FTB: key storylines heading into Toronto Maple Leafs training camp

Camp begins today, are you in the best shape of your life?

FTB: Leafs golf, Stars trade, Oilers Oiler

It's almost time for training camp.

FTB: Prospect tournament ends and Leafs training camp begins

The Maple Leafs play their final game in Traverse City today and then the team gets ready for training camp, which opens this week.

Weekend FTB: A brief history of NHL Captains who lost the C

Blake Wheeler joins some pretty good company, actually

FTB: There's news and hockey happening!

Who knew this day would ever come?

Thursday FTB: Nick gets thicker

I mean... he had to know that was gonna be the headline when he said it.

Wednesday FTB: Three paths the Leafs can take to get cap compliant with Rasmus Sandin

Give me your best guess, what’s the move?

FTB: Ads on jerseys are here and I welcome yet another corporate overlord

There are already corporate logos on the helmets, gloves, sticks, boards, jerseys, pants, socks, skates, ice, walls, scoreboard, roof, floor, urinals, so why not one more?

FTB: Traverse City is stop one on the road to the Leafs season

The annual tournament starts this week, featuring Toronto Maple Leafs prospects and those from four other NHL teams.

Weekend FTB: Maple Leafs do things

Marlies too.

Friday FTB: Nazem Kadri donates one million dollars to London Health Sciences Centre

Big news out of London yesterday.

Thursday FTB: Signings, actual signings!

Some younger players sign new contracts and some goalie signings may be coming

FTB: Still weeks away from anything happening


FTB: Post-Labour Day Celebration

Celebrate Labour Day and the Canadian victory here.

Long Weekend FTB: The next hockey season has already begun

Some of the Maple Leafs’ prospects have begun their 2022/23 seasons.

FTB: Is there a long weekend surprise coming?

Will the Leafs drop a big news story over the holiday weekend?

Thursday’s FTB: quarterfinal day

A full day of hockey in Denmark awaits.

Wednesday FTB: We’re betting a lot of our cash on sports now

Hundreds of millions of dollars per month are being wagered with Canada’s new sports betting operators.

FTB: Rasmus Sandin, what's his deal?

Just sign a contract already.


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