NBC released its 2015-16 season broadcast schedule yesterday, and because there was almost nothing else to talk about, every single SB Nation wrote up a piece on it!

Well, all except the Canadian team blogs of course. NBCSN doesn't show games with Canadian teams, except the Habs for some reason, who make it on to NBCSN SIX times, including the Winter Classic.

The Leafs will also make one appearance on NBCSN this coming season explicitly because of Mike Babcock. NBC will air his first return to Detroit on October 9!

Oh wait.

Make that the second Leafs game in Detroit on March 13; because of course the Leafs will probably already be way out of the playoffs by then so it will be really dramatic, won't it NBC?

If you actually care about any of this, you can go to SCC and read up on the big winner of the NBC TV sweepstakes.

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Of course this only matters if you even still have cable!

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