Last night at 1AM our time, the Toronto Maple Leafs traded back up Marlies goaltender Jhonas Enroth to the not mighty any more Anaheim Ducks. The return was a seventh round pick and you can check out night owl Arii’s post on the trade here.

So what could we get with a seventh rounder? Here are the seventh round players from the past ten drafts:

2016: Nikolai Chebykin - Currently in Russia’s junior league, he’s played for three different teams this season, including four KHL games.

2015: Nikita Korostelev - Currently with the Peterborough Petes of the OHL, has 40 points in 34 games.

2014: Pierre Engvall - Currently with Morak IK of Allsvenskan, the second tier Swedish league. Has 25 points in 32 games.

2013: Andreas Johnson - Currently with the Toronto Marlies, has put up 17 points in 34 games this year so far.

2012: Viktor Loov - Currently with the Toronto Marlies, has put up 5 points in 31 games this year so far.

2011: Garret Sparks - With the Marlies, has only played 9 games this season.

2011: Max Everson - Was kicked out of Harvard for cheating, never to be heard from again.

2010: Josh Nicholls - Was never signed, is currently in the ECHL with the Colorado Eagles.

2009: Barron Smith - Never signed, played CIS hockey for four years after leaving the Petes.

2008: Andrew MacWilliam - played 12 games with the Leafs before signing with the Jets* as a free agent. Is current;y on a two way deal with the Devils.

2007: Carl Gunnarsson - Probably the best seventh round pick on the list, Gunnarsson 304 games with the Maple Leafs before being traded to St. Louis for Roman Polak. He’s gone on to play 162 games for the St. Louis Blues since the trade.

So, a seventh round pick is mostly nothing but you never know what it could become. It could even become the next Jhonas Enroth!

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In the most important news, it’s my birthday and thankfully I’m still in the midst of the cherished (because we’re idiots with money) 18-34 male demographic, so I’ll celebrate with a big ol’ can of our greatest gift to mankind.