This is like, the best problem for the Maple Leafs to have.

"Oh no, what if we DON'T NEED Steven Stamkos!"

All Stamkos All the Time

The more the Lightning win without Stamkos, the more likely he'll play somewhere else next year | Toronto Star
I completely agree. If Tampa doesn't need Stamkos's price tag with a team that can get deep in playoffs, he should test the water elsewhere. BUT WHERE?

Hotstove: Should The Toronto Maple Leafs Still Pursue Steven Stamkos? | MLHS
Should it be here?

Leafs Rumors: Toronto Still Expected to Go After Steven Stamkos | Tip of the Tower
Is it still tampering if it's the worst-kept secret in Leafs history?

Georges Laraque Did NOT Say Stamkos Has A Deal With Leafs | PPP

Toronto Maple Leafs: Building A Smart, Sustainable Foundation | Editor in Leaf
The Leafs should build more like Tampa, apparently, so Stamkos would help. Or would he?

McKenzie: Leafs would ‘take a hard run at Steven Stamkos’ as UFA | TSS
"It’s a good question. I can’t presume to know what Steven Stamkos would think. It’s his hometown. I don’t think that just because it’s his hometown that he’s necessarily sitting there on pins and needles saying, ‘I can hardly get to July 1 so I can sign with Toronto and nobody else.'"

With Auston Matthews, does Stamkos make sense in Toronto? | Sportsnet
Now would be the time, when Toronto has the cap space for a guy like this who could lead the youngsters to VICTORY.

Toronto Maple Leafs: No Need For Steven Stamkos | Editor in Leaf
Or, ok, there's this side of the issue too.

Stamkos Decision Not A Slam Dunk for Leafs | Bloggers Tribune
Might as well sign with the Habs, Stamkos. :(

In short, who knows.

Eric Staal Still Viable? | THW
Just throwing this in there.

Other Hockey News

Why The Leafs Need To Be Aggressive at The Draft | Bloggers Tribune
Trade up!

Physical, fast-paced Lightning-Islanders matchup has been the best series so far this postseason | ESPN
They said it, not me.

Best of the Best: Tavares named finalist for NHL leadership award | LHH
Stupid, nice Tavares and his stupid handsome face.

Islanders prospects in the playoffs: Championships on the line | LHH
I hate the Islanders right now, but Ho-sang though.

Pens/Caps Game 4 Recap: Hornqvist OT goal gives Pittsburgh 3-1 series lead | Pensburgh
Poor Holtby.

Heika: It's not just the goalies who are struggling, it's everything with the Stars | Dallas News
At least SoIocity had a good night?

Why the best defencemen have to be proficient on offence | Sporpsnet
Hedman to Toronto?

The 2015-16 Montreal Canadiens: Worst collapse in franchise history? | HEOTP
licking tears dot gif

Arizona Coyotes to promote 26-year-old John Chayka to GM role | Puck Daddy
Dubas said no so they had to find someone younger?

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all!