Earlier today Leafs' fans were treated to some unlikely news via Twitter: Steven Stamkos and the Toronto Maple Leafs had already come to a tentative agreement on a contract that would bring him to The Big Smoke. What's more, it was being circulated that it was Georges Laraque who broke the story. It didn't make much sense. How would Laraque have known anything about something like this? And how would they have negotiated such a contract? It certainly would have been tampering.

The truth came out later on his radio show 91.9 Sport, where Laraque shed some much-needed light on the situation.

Apparently, comments he made in French were misunderstood by certain anglophone Twitter users, and so to make sure there weren't any further misunderstandings, he switched from French to English to say the following:

For people listening in English and translating our show ... I never said that Stamkos the deal was already done in Toronto. I said that the chance of him signing in Toronto was much better now that they got the the first pick, they got Auston Matthews. So because of that it becomes a preferable destination for him, but I never said at any point that the deal was done. He's still signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning, he might play with them in the playoffs this year so let's be patient, we'll see what's going to happen. I know Leafs' Nation is excited, and if you're listening to our show, call me directly and I'll translate everything for you.

So there you have it, there is no deal - yet.