The Marlies will host the Albany Devils tonight at 7:30PM.

Toronto Marlies vs Albany Devils: the second round starts tonight - PPP
The Toronto Marlies second round opponent is the Albany Devils, and old enemy this time, not a stranger.

Many PPPers will be at the game, and so will I! Stop by the pressbox at intermission and say hello. Don't forget to buy your tickets using our promo code!

A few people have complained about the organization of home vs. away games in the Marlies series. It could be much worse.

AHL: The Exhausting History of the 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 - Jewels From The Crown
On the eve of Ontario-San Diego, see which 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 commutes went for over five hours & the series that featured four overtime games

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Breaking Down the Big Mistake - PensBurgh
A quick breakdown of what led to the game-winning goal in Monday's big win for the Penguins

I went to bed early last night to be well rested for tonight's Marlies game. Apparently I missed some great playoff hockey!

Lightning 5 - Islanders 4 (OT)

Jonathan "clutch playoff hero" Drouin came through with a big goal after getting leveled early in the game.

Drouin Takes A Bone-Crunching Hit, Returns To Set Up Game-Tying Goal - Deadspin
Drouin left tonight’s high-scoring Lightning-Islanders game after taking this monstrous wallop in the second period. There was no penalty on the play.

Everyone is talking about this Brian Boyle hit later in the game.

Predators 4 - Sharks 1

Wait what? I really thought the Sharks would absolutely roll the Predators, but they had a pretty disastrous outing last night.

Preds fire on all cylinders in 4-1 win over Sharks - On the Forecheck
It was a do-or-die game three for the Predators. Lose and go down 3-0 or win and bring the series within one game of being tied. Nashville's weapons showed up. So did its special teams play. This was a near-perfect game for the Preds.

Then there's this bardown goal.

Blues 6 - Stars 1

"Other than That, How Was the Play, Mrs. Lincoln?" - Defending Big D
"Every ominous narrative, every harbinger of doom that had been trumped up for the Stars going into this series came crashing down on their heads in Scottrade Center last night."

Fort McMurray

The entire population of ~60,000 were evacuated yesterday when a sudden shift in winds whipped small wildfires into a firestorm that barreled down on the city. We hope everyone is OK.

The Fort McMurray fire: Here’s how you can help, and receive help - The G&M
A raging wildfire has forced Fort McMurray's 80,000 residents to evacuate, with little time to plan, few routes to escape and dwindling space in nearby refuges

Most drove south on a gridlocked highway for hours to Edmonton. Those who couldn't get past the fires went north to the oilsands camps where there are reports workers are sleeping outside or in hallways to give their rooms to families.

The best source of official information is the Twitter feed from RM Wood Buffalo.

Other News

Jo Paw-velski is doing well - Fear The Fin
The Sharks have given us another update on their good luck charm

Don Granato on Auston Matthews - Maple Leafs Hot Stove
"I’ve been on the ice with a lot of first-round picks… this is a whole other level"

Max Domi embodies the Masterton Trophy, even without becoming a finalist - 5FH
"I was sitting with two friends for a Coyotes game and noticed a black shape on the floor of the row behind me. It was a Black Lab: a diabetic alert dog. The woman behind us was chatting with my friends. Her son was so excited about the game his blood sugar was super high. Later in the game she was pointing Domi out to her son, when the action was down at our end of the ice. "He’s like you! He has a dog too!"

Letang Suspended One Game - Japers' Rink
The Penguins blueliner will miss Game 4

The Minnesota Wild must acquire a top-line center at all costs - Hockey Wilderness
In order to right the ship, the Wild has to bring in a center to shift everyone else into their ideal roles.

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Dan Boyle's outburst at the media is more than good comedy, it's a sign of a true leader taking one for the team.

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Bob Murray had harsh words for his squad after their first round playoff exit. Perhaps he should save the harshest words for himself and his boss.