Good morning, PPP! Today is the second day of the Maple Leafs bye week, and while some of them are enjoying Caribbean vacations and/or eating delicious pie, the rest of us are trapped in the real world with no Leafs hockey. It's truly dismal.

A humble recommendation? The Women's U18 World Championship! It's happening right now! The tournament participants are the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, and the hosts, the Czech Republic. As usual, it's expected to be USA vs. Canada for gold, and everyone else duking it out for bronze.

Yesterday, the USA beat Sweden 4-0. Natalie Heising's goal, the fourth of the game, was particularly nice.

Canada played Russia yesterday and won 4-2, pulling ahead with two goals in the third and outshooting Russia 45-14. I couldn't find video highlights, but Russia Hockey was kind enough to post a fantastic photo album. Hockey action shots galore!

USA and Canada are facing off in their final game of the preliminary round tomorrow morning at 9:30 Eastern time. Both are undefeated so far this tournament. If World Juniors reminded you how fun it is to watch teens play hockey--energy! enthusiasm! turnovers!--you should tune in. The IIHF is even providing free, legal streaming to make it easy.

Who are we cheering for, Auston?

Auston Matthews knows what's up.


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