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From the Branches: Expansion Draft day is here

By the end of the day, the Seattle Kraken will have themselves a roster.

From the Branches: Preparations in Seattle

We’re five days out from the Seattle Kraken having actual players.

From the Branches: Summer is rumor season

Taylor Hall? Tyler Bertuzzi? Your second cousin, once removed?

From the Branches: ESPN brings in new talent

Also, Ray Ferraro will still be doing Leafs games.

From the Branches: Islanders hold on

The lesson from this year’s playoffs is that overtime is bad.

From the Branches: What is fashion, anyway?

Democracy, as we all know, is fallible.

From the Branches: Farewell, Round 2

And then there were four.

From the Branches: NFTs come to the NHL

We all knew this was only a matter of time.

From the Branches: How many games is too many?

If you were the God of Hockey, how long would a NHL season be?

From the Branches: PWHPA comes to Calgary

And we only have to wait two weeks.

From the Branches: Six more games

Plus, some creative new ideas for next spring’s training camp.

From the Branches: From NBC to TNT

The NHL has (another) new broadcast partner for every single Blackhawks and Penguins game.

From the Branches: Another scheduling change

Plus, Auston Matthews’s video game self-insert.

From the Branches: Protocol news

We’ve got adjustments in schedules and adjustments in coaching staff.

From the Branches: The Dream Gap Tour rolls on

Also, the Buffalo Sabres are imploding, but what else is new?

From the Branches: Halfway there

It’s going to be playoff time before we know it.

February Fashion Recap: Hats off

I’m taking this as confirmation that the Maple Leafs heed my advice.

From the Branches: Rest, relaxation, then Edmonton

Also, a way to support Black Girl Hockey Club’s scholarship program.

From the Branches: Finally, a new opponent

Also, can I interest you in a Frederik Gauthier practice jersey?

From the Branches: Welcome to Toronto, Alex

Fingers crossed yesterday’s trade results in cat pics.

January Fashion Recap: The more things change

Don’t call it a comeback.

From the Branches: Postponed, again

This time it’s the Golden Knights changing their schedule.

From the Branches: Schrödinger’s injury

As of this morning, Auston Matthews both is and is not injured.
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