Yesterday, the Toronto Marlies played for the first time in quite a while, opening their season by beating Manitoba 3-2. The Maple Leafs were scheduled to play, but mysteriously, the game never happened. Not sure what was going on there! Perhaps some benevolent god struck it from the timeline rather than forcing us to face the truth of our dishonor, I dunno.

Also, in news that does not make me want to nuke this team from orbit, the Maple Leafs did a trade! They sent Egor Korshkov and David Warsofsky to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk. I love this trade, not because of hockey reasons, but because it gives me an opportunity to repost what is possibly the greatest photograph any hockey player has ever taken.

Like, this picture is just magical. The cat. The knife. The full steak dinner. The two vacuum cleaners in the background. The beach out the window. The lack of shirt. The fact that he is using the cat like a scarf and the cat seems, curiously, to be okay with this. If I was putting this in the fashion recap, it would get a 10/10 simply for exceptional cat stole. It brings a whole new meaning to cruelty-free fur. Every single thing about this delights me.

Anyway, between Ken Dryden writing at length in The Atlantic about how hockey goalies are literally, physically too large, and the article about “speakeasy hockey” in defiance of coronavirus regulations (I am extremely pissed that someone used the phrase “speakeasy hockey” for something this uncool, as I feel that phrase has immense coolness potential) there’s a lot to chew on in the links today.


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