The New Jersey Devils are the first NHL team to start selling non-fungible tokens, presumably because the Devils’ front office decided that they really, really needed to be first at something, and this seemed novel enough that they could manage it if they jumped on the opportunity before most people had a chance to figure out what a non-fungible token actually is.

While I’m thoroughly disinterested in expanding my understanding of NFTs beyond the explanation provided in this text post, this business deal did let me read a statement from a NHL team president with my own two eyes that included the words “reality-based experiences”.

(What the hell other kinds of experiences are they having in New Jersey? Do I want to know? I probably don’t want to know.)

I eagerly await the Toronto Maple Leafs getting on this bandwagon, especially since our franchise player is already there. We should start thinking about what important moments in Maple Leafs history should be commemorated and sold for thousands of dollars. My vote is on this one, but I’m open to persuasion.

Also, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “you know what, I wish I could read a newspaper article that includes both Auston Matthews and an eight-foot-tall hand-carved wooden statue of the Grinch”, then, man, do I have the story for you.


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