Last week I published an FTB pointing the low attendance at the Coyotes at Senators game. I was mocking what people say when pictures of a badly attended Panthers game is brought up “bad fans, Canada’s better, it wouldn’t happen in a proper market where it snows”, the usual wanking over maple syrup and free health care. Most people got a chuckle and moved on.

Not Senators fans. Oh no, my inbox has been racking up the e-mails.

Here’s the thing: When most of the replies start with “You wouldn’t understand, you’re a Leafs fan.”, your argument is silly and I stop paying attention (unless I like you, hi Mat!). Or if it’s 18 paragraphs about the Seattle basketball team, because WTF, I’m not reading that.

(You all could learn from Sabres fans who just send a “fuck you” and leave it at that.)

I wouldn’t understand what? Bad ownership? Let me point you at Steve “slash payroll and flip off Gretzky” Stavro and Harold “Turn up the heat and shut off the water fountains” Ballard. Yeah, Leafs past ownership makes Eugene Melnyk look like Santa Claus.

Would I not understand what a bad team on the ice looks like? Let me point you to LAST FUCKING SEASON.

I wouldn’t understand how to react to a bad season? I’ve been to eight Leafs games since the cancelled season and spent less than $50 on MLSE products. I can enjoy my team and not give them any money. I don’t pay for the Leafs games I watch on TV (free GCL). I don’t pay for attending Marlies games. I don’t buy merchandise. I don’t buy clothing. But yeah, I don’t know how to react to a bad team because I’m a Leafs fan.

Leafs fans don’t know how to be good fans because they always show up no matter what? Let’s take a look at attendance and these so called “bad teams”.

Season Leafs Record Leafs
Sens Record Sens
05-06 41-33-8
19408 52-21-9
L 2nd rd
06-07 40-31-11
19487 48-25-9
07-08 36-35-11
19434 43-31-8
L 1st rd
08-09 34-35-13
19312 36-35-11
09-10 30-38-14
19260 44-32-6
L 1st rd
10-11 37-34-11
19354 32-40-10
11-12 35-37-10
19507 41-31-10
L 1st rd
12-13 26-17-5
L 1st rd
19426 25-17-6
L 2nd rd
13-14 38-36-8
19447 37-31-14
14-15 30-44-8
19063 43-26-13
L 1st rd
15-16 29-42-11
19158 38-35-9

Yes, the ACC has been sold out for every Leafs game from here to eternity. This is based on two things: 1) There’s a strong corporate base in Toronto and that’s a huge chunk of tickets sold right there. 2) The Leafs are turning 100 years old and that translates to one of the largest fanbases in the world. People travel from far and wide to see a Leafs game. The cost, planning, and time it takes to organize a trip to a game, you may not have the chance to even think about how they’re doing in the standings.

So sure, when your fanbase is less than 30 years old and centralized in a corner of a province, yeah, it’s easy to pull a so-called “protest”. But wait, you don’t even do that, look how steady that attendance is. Don’t pretend the shitty attendance for the Coyotes - Senators game was any kind of organized protest tor anything. When the Sens miss the playoffs attendance barely dips. I’d believe these claims if it dropped to Hurricanes or Islanders levels.

Finally, the biggest excuse: Location. Yes, Kanata is hard to get to, and takes time. You know what else is a big inconvenience to get to a game?

HAVING A GIANT LAKE IN THE WAY. (Okay this is just my personal issue, whatever it’s my rant).

Yeah, it can be frustrating to be a fan sometimes, owners can be cheap, teams can be bad, arenas can be far, and people can write mean things about your team.

Suck it up buttercup we all go through it. Some of us just have more company in the stands to suffer with.

Don’t @ me.

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