It is a dark and stormy morning in the GTA. The first in recent memory. Is the weather foretelling bad things to come?

The Leafs are rumoured to be signing goaltender Jhonas Enroth as early as today. The just-turned 28 year old played for the Kings last season, but Leafs fans will first remember him for his many years with the Sabres. So far there is only a single report out of Sweden on this, but the source has been treated as reliable and even TSN and Sportsnet are now republishing it.

Would this be a good or bad move by the Leafs? JP Nikota thinks General Manager Lou Lamoriello's off-season work so far is weird and scary. We will have more on Enroth when there is confirmation it is really happening.

Meanwhile Katya wants to remind you that hockey starts sooner than you think, particularly for some of our shiny new European draft picks. In fact, yesterday the Kun Lun Red Star played their first ever exhibition hockey game. They lost 2-0.

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Other News

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