It's been a long summer, and, sure, it's not quite yet over yet, but there's definitely hockey on the horizon. The Maple Leafs rookie tournament will kick things off in a little over three weeks. The World Cup of Hockey will start the day after that, and the first NHL pre-season exhibition game is five weeks from today.

James van Riemsdyk puts tough season behind him - NHL
'Big stage' of World Cup, playing in front of Maple Leafs fans stand out for Team USA forward.

OK so it's not that close, but we should still totally debate who should be on the third defence pair in the rookie split squad team. GIVE ME DERMOTT OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Speaking of rookies and prospects, our Top 25 Under 25 will roll on to #15 at 9AM, and you won't believe who will be next! Don't forget to have your say and rank our players from 26-16 here.

Yesterday was also the CWHL draft. nafio is writing up a post about who was picked and what it means for the teams, but if you want information now you can check the #CWHLDraft Twitter feed here.

Grabner Trade Still Providing Flexibility - Editor in Leaf
When the Leafs acquired Grabner from the Islanders they were looking for contract flexibility and they got it.

Burke: NCAA free agent contributions a ‘pimple on an elephant’s butt’ – ProHockeyTalk
He said what?

Arizona Coyotes COO Ari Segal confident for new season - Five For Howling
Ari Segal is not new to a non-traditional market in hockey. He made the Gulls thrive, but what about the Roadrunners and Coyotes?

The Fourth Type of Olympic Medal and 5 People Who Have Won It - Mental Floss
You know of gold, silver, and bronze, but what about the "fourth medal"?

Leo Komarov spent his weekend riding around on a tank.
I picture this as a normal weekend activity for him.

Vähän erilainen päivä Parolan panssariprikaatissa #vala #parola #intti #uunoarmeijanleivissä

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A special thanks to everyone who turned out Friday night for our PPPPPPPPPPPPPPQP! It was great fun to meet everyone.