The Toronto Marlies are all set to #CONQUERCALDER, and you can see their page about the playoff push over here! Round one of the playoffs is coming (dates TBD), and you can purchase tickets from Ticketmaster! The regular season ends on April 17 with four games remaining, but it's looking likely that they'll play either Utica, Providence, Portland, or Bridgeport. As of today, it's most likely Utica, but that could change...

(Why Utica? Because of this rule: "In the event of a crossover in the Eastern Conference [5-Atlantic finishes with a higher points percentage than 4-North], 1-North will play whichever of 3-North and 5-Atlantic finishes with the lower points percentage, and 2-North will play whichever of 3-North and 5-Atlantic finishes with the higher points percentage.")

You can keep track of the Marlies playoff picture over here.

Leafs News

Toronto Marlies win Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy, clinch top spot in the AHL | PPP

Leafs’ Connor Brown talks injury, Marlies and first NHL stint | Dangle
"The big challenge with transitioning from the AHL to the NHL is you kind of want to bring the same aspect that you bring, and I feel like I’m an offensive player, so it was nice to settle in and do better and better in that regard."

2016 NHL Draft Lottery rules and complete odds table | PPP
"With the 2015-16 season effectively come to a close, fourteen NHL teams turn their attention towards the draft lottery. And there are some twists this year."

Who will the Maple Leafs pick at the 2016 NHL Draft? | Sportsnet
"This year is that the Maple Leafs aren’t even guaranteed the No. 2 pick. Under the new rules, the lottery will decide the first three picks, so Toronto could fall as far as the No. 4 pick overall."

Maple Leafs guaranteed top-four pick, 20% odds of winning lottery after Game 82 loss to Devils | MLHS
"Thanks go out to the New Jersey Devils, who started Cory Schneider – long overdue recompense for the Scott Clemmensen debacle on the final day of 2005-06 – and got some spirited performances from their debuting youngsters."

Leafs lose, have best chance at winning draft lottery | Toronto Sun
"It’s the fourth time in club history the Leafs, who have 69 points, have finished last and it has happened for the first time since 1985."

Maple Leafs Finish Last In NHL | THW
"While the Leafs did finish last and didn’t look good on most nights, fans got a glimpse of what the future could look like in the near future."

Friedman: 2015-16 a ‘perfect season’ for Maple Leafs | Sportsnet
"The cloud of negativity that surrounded the Leafs last season appears to have been lifted as fans buy in to the management’s long-term vision."

Other Hockey News

Pavel Datsyuk says he will leave the Red Wings after playoffs | Detroit Free Press
"I’m thinking I go home after this season," he said, in a long discussion at the Northville home of his agent and friend, Dan Milstein. "I may not be done with hockey, but — it is hard to say — I think I am done playing in NHL."